Network Access                    No        Yes        Yes

WebDirect Access                No        Yes**     Yes**

Requires FIleMaker*             No        Yes***    Yes**

Admin Access                       No        No         Yes

Std User Accounts                 3          5           10

          expandable                  No       Yes*      Yes*

Std Allowed Devices              1          5           10

          expandable                  No       Yes*      Yes*

WebDirect option                   No       Yes**     Yes**

Expandable (more users)      No        Yes       Yes

Recommended for:

         Small labs                    Yes        Yes       No

         Medium/Large Labs      No        Yes       No

         Multiple PIs                   No         Yes      Yes

         Mouse Facilities            No         No       Yes

*  Expandable      

** Must be run using FileMaker server and concurrent connections purchased from FileMaker Inc.

*** Requires at least FileMakerPro

Mouse Colony (runtime)

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Mouse Colony Net
Mouse Colony Server

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