Mouse Colony serves up a complete menu of features that will empower you with complete control over your animal population. Every minute detail of your experiments will increase information and productivity while dramatically decreasing overall waste of resources.

Main Modules

  1. Mouse ID - stores animal attributes including number, genotype, fur color, tag, date, etc…

  2. Mating - allows mating tracking and determines weaning date and MEF production… 

Functionality Modules

  1. Cage Inventory - offers complete control over the characteristics of the entire colony...

  2. Colony Comments - archives and manages all individual lab comments...

  3. Mating List - controls all current and past mating data...

  4. Scheduler - plans future tasks with database reminders so no event is missed...

Analysis Tools

  1. Family Tree - 4-generation family tree with genotypes, strains and more…

  2. Colony Overview - offers a complete overview of subsets or entire colonies...

  3. Mendelian Ratios - measures proportions of genotypes in the offspring of parents of varying combinations of genotypes...

Server Specific Modules

  1. Administration Console - Centralizes all the Administration Modules

  2. Login Accounts Management - Manages all the accounts with access to Mouse Colony

  3. Device Access Management - Can block access to specific devices

  4. Principal Investigator/Project Directors Management - each PI/PD (and dependent accounts) has only access to data from his/her colonies.

  5. Billing

  6.         Cage Census - Generates a daily cage and animal census for each PI

  7.         Facility Services - All the services provided for users can be billed through this module.

  8.         Facility Orders - Manages all the external orders for outside vendors (i.e. Animal Vendors)

  9.         Users’ Requests Management - Users can directly request tasks to be performed by the facility personnel.

  10.         Email scheduled tasks and monthly expenses - Bills and scheduled tasks by users can be emailed to PI/PD and other users 


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