Cage Inventory

The Cage Inventory module will be one of the more actively used features of the program as Mouse Colony puts all the information right at your fingertips. Links allow for quick reference to the Mouse ID and Mating modules.  The table is organized by ascending cage number with all mating statuses automatically displayed.  On the top right, the total number of animals and the highest ID assigned within the active colony are displayed.  The latter is helpful to assign the next ID number when weaning animals.

All comments and scheduled tasks that were previously added to the Scheduler conveniently show up on the Cage Inventory module.  All information and associated tasks can be printed out onto one report form so that all data can be taken with you to the animal facility.

Mating List

This module produces a detailed report of all current or past mating procedures.  All records, including those for mating, mouse ID and phenotype, pertaining to Stud, Dam and pups, are easily viewed and adjusted here.