The Colony Comments module, unlike the “Mouse comment” fields found in every record in Mouse ID, is for general comments about the colony. This module allows the user to track the evolution and all events within the colony.


The Scheduler  Module is a critical component of Mouse Colony. It is used to organize all future tasks associated with the colony. Whenever logging in to a specific colony, the Scheduler will remind you of any tasks assigned for that day.  Tasks can be scheduled for nearly all modules of Mouse Colony so there will never be a lapse in your experiment’s progress.

In the Runtime and Net versions, allows the user to schedule tasks for mice, cages, etc. The tasks will show up in the cage inventory so they can be executed at the appropriate times at the facility.

In the Server version, the Scheduler not only allows the users to record the tasks to be performed by individual users but also to request tasks to be performed by the personnel at the mouse facility. Therefore, it serves as a way of communication between the labs and the facility. The facility can email back the users with the tasks performed or any other comments.