Mouse ID

This module, together with the Mating and Cages modules, represents the core of Mouse Colony.  In order for an animal to be entered in the database, it must have a Mouse ID record.  This module is responsible for information such as:

  1. The animal ID

  2. Genotype

  3. Cage Location

  4. Sex

  5. Date of Birth (DOB)

  6. Fur Color, Tag and Strain

The ID can be generated automatically (consecutive numbers for the individual colony or the entire database) or manually, and it is possible to go back and forth between both systems (for example, start manually to assign a first ID different than 1, and then switch to automatic mode).  Most of the information in the Mouse ID form is entered automatically when the record is created by weaning animals from a mating present in Mouse Colony.  However, the information must be entered manually for the colony founders.

The tabs are direct links for records for this animal in other modules (Mating,

Animal Discharge, Comments). Files related to the animal, such as pictures, pathology reports, etc) can be attached or referenced in the mouse record.

Mating records can be created from here, and the previous crosses are automatically displayed as well.  The Pups field indicates whether or not the mating is currently active.  The discharge/IUACC can also be utilized to generate the annual report for the Animal Care Committee.

The Navigation panels (right side and center) are almost identical in all the main modules.  They allow users to switch colonies, create a new colony, go to a specific module, sort by specified parameters create records in other modules and even schedule tasks.

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