Mouse Colony will guide you through the creation of new mating records in a newly design dialog window including fields asking for pertinent information (cage, mating date, Stud ID and Dam ID). 

    Mouse Colony 5.0 also allows the creation of 2 matings per male. Only cages that have enough room for the mating and animals older than 5 weeks are displayed facilitating the selection of cages and animals.  If you enter a plug date, the dates for MEF production, embryo harvesting and delivery are calculated automatically.  Similarly, the weaning date is calculated automatically once you enter the date of birth (DOB).  This information will also show up in the Cage Inventory and Scheduler. 

    An “X” on the Active box indicates that the mating is current. It is automatically entered when the mating record is created and is erased when the animals are weaned.  This check is important for Mouse Colony to determine the status of the mating for many pieces of information including the mating status, current mating list, etc. A mating record must be generated for every litter even if the animals are mated permanently.

    When pups are born, the date and number of mice born must be entered.  At the time of weaning, the animal ID, sex and weaning check must be assigned.  To create a record, simply click on “Add Pup” and select the info from the pull-downs. The record is created and saved automatically.