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  1. Bullet    Increase Efficiency - All your animal records at your fingertips.

  2. Bullet    Intuitive - Get started in minutes.

  3. Bullet    Versions that adapt to your lab’s needs - From a small lab to mouse facility.

  4. Bullet    Easy Access- The Net and Server versions allow multiple users and devices.

  5. Bullet    Cost Efficient -  A fraction of the cost of other systems such as LIMs.  No annual or maintenance fees.

  6. Bullet    You are in control -  The data are kept safe in your computer not in the cloud.

  7. Bullet    It can be expanded. Net and Server versions that allow you to increase the number of users.

  8. Bullet      Mac and PCs versions available.

The Mouse Colony program was developed to minimize the time spent managing knockout/transgenic colonies.  Using Mouse Colony will significantly decrease the time wasted entering data on Excel spreadsheets and will eliminate the waste of resources produced by mismanaging animals.  Your one-time investment in Mouse Colony will provide you with complete control over animal tracking, for the price a lab pays for a month's supply of any consumable such as chemicals or antibodies. Mouse Colony it is also an affordable alternative to expensive LIM systems with recurring annual costs. Moreover, the system is not in a cloud but installed on your own computer or server allowing you, or your IT personnel, to manage the security, back ups, etc.  There is no risk with a cloud service going out of business, since Mouse Colony is in your computer to stay.

Main Modules (See Features List)

  1. Mouse ID - stores animal attributes including number, genotype, fur color, tag, date, etc…

  2. Mating - allows mating tracking and determines weaning date and MEF production… 

Functionality Modules

  1. Cage Inventory - offers complete control over the characteristics of the entire colony...

  2. Colony Comments - archives and manages all individual lab comments...

  3. Mating List - controls all current and past mating data...

  4. Scheduler - plans future tasks with database reminders so no event is missed...

Analysis Tools

  1. Family Tree - 4-generation family tree with genotypes, strains and more…

  2. Colony Overview - offers a complete overview of subsets or entire colonies...

  3. Mendelian Ratios - measures proportions of genotypes in the offspring of parents of varying combinations of genotypes...


    1. Stand-Alone (single Computer), Network Version (starts with access for 5 accounts and 5 computers or iPads) or Server (different levels of access).

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         Everything you can do with

a LIMs and the safety of your computer, under your control, but much, much cheaper