How To Purchase Upgrades

Important, your copy of Mouse Colony must be registered to be able to purchase the full Mouse Colony App!

If you are already using the Free version and would like to purchase an upgrade, email us to  We will send you the payment options. You will receive the Upgrade Key by email, which can be entered after launching the program.

If you need to access the serial number, which was emailed to you after registration, go to Menu>File>View Registration.

You can always reach us though our support page.

IMPORTANT! Do not forget to include your Serial Number.

         Everything you can do with

a LIMs and the safety of your computer, under your control, but much, much cheaper

Price List

Mouse Colony 5.0 (Runtime)                        $FREE 

Upgrade from versions previous to 5.0                 $250

Mouse Colony Net 5.0*

        5 user account and 5 devices                 $FREE

Each additional package of 5 users/5 devices        $200

Upgrade from versions previous to 5.0                 $300    

Upgrade from runtime 5.0 to Net 5.0

           same Platform                                         $300

           across Platforms (Mac-to-PC or PC-to-Mac)         $350

Mouse Colony Server 5.0**                                          

10 users devices (email us for availability)          $FREE

Each additional package of 25 users/25 devices        $1,000

Unlimited users & Devices                                 $4,000

Password Recovery per event                            $50

No annual fees or maintenance cost on any format of Mouse Colony 5.0

*Requires FileMakerPro   

**Requires FileMakerServer