The Stand-alone Runtime version of Mouse Colony program is designed for single user or computer.  Each copy of the Mouse Colony program will come with its own unique registration key. The stand alone runtime application (NO other software required) is FREE, however if you can upgrade to the NET version at a cost of $350.00 USD/license.  This entry level is ideal for any small or medium size laboratory.  Any version of Mouse Colony within the same platform (Mac or PC) can be upgraded at any time. 

The network-based application, Mouse Colony Net, is available as a single license to a user or computer and allows up to 5 accounts and can be accessed by a total of 5 devices (Mac, PC computers, or iPads).  The network-based application requires the installation of Mouse Colony Net and FileMakerPro (or FileMaker Server) ( in the host computer and FileMakerPro ONLY on the client computers (Mouse Colony Net should not be installed in the client computers).  Mouse Colony Net basic license, which allows remote access for up to 5 devices (Mac, PC or iPads), is FREE. It must be installed on only one computer (host).  This entry level is ideal for any small or medium size laboratory with multiple users in different locations that want to keep a centralized database of the colonies.  FileMakerPro must be purchased separately from FileMaker Inc. (

The Mouse Colony Server application includes an administration console that allows management of user accounts, principal investigators, devices, annual animal reports, and billing. The billing module includes automatic daily cage census, external orders and facility services. It is ideal for the management of animal facilities. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need customization of Mouse Colony Server to suit your needs.

The price of Switching from the Runtime Stand-Alone Application (No Network Access) to Mouse Colony Net (Network Access) is $300 within the same platform (migrating within the same platform - Mac to Mac, or PC to PC), and $350 across platforms (i.e Mouse Colony Mac migrating to Mouse Colony Net PC

Refund Policy -

Once any format of Mouse Colony is purchased, no refunds will be issued since the entry level options are free.

If you are part of the University of Illinois, please Contact Us to obtain a copy of Mouse Colony.

Price List

Mouse Colony 5.0 (Runtime)                        $FREE 

Upgrade from versions previous to 5.0                 $250

Mouse Colony Net 5.0*

        5 user account and 5 devices                 $FREE

Each additional package of 5 users/5 devices        $200

Upgrade from versions previous to 5.0                 $300    

Upgrade from runtime 5.0 to Net 5.0

           same Platform                                         $300

           across Platforms (Mac-to-PC or PC-to-Mac)         $350

Mouse Colony Server 5.0**                                          

10 users devices (email us for availability)    $FREE

Each additional package of 25 users/25 devices        $1,000

Unlimited users & Devices                                 $4,000

Password Recovery per event                            $50

No annual fees or maintenance cost on any format of Mouse Colony 5.0

*Requires FileMakerPro   

**Requires FileMakerServer